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About me


Not middle-of-the-road.

I'm Jim Morrissey, a London-based website & marketing copywriter and business development consultant based in Twickenham, Greater London

You could also describe me as a salesman, marketing professional, and businessman. For me, copywriting is mostly about salesmanship. It’s my job to write words that help businesses promote their brand, offer, or important message. I also offer consultancy services designed to reap rapid financial rewards. I’ve been providing these specific services to start-ups, SMEs and corporates for nearly 10 years.

My career started when I was 16 - selling advertising space for a free magazine based in London’s West End. At that age it was a tough gig, but it taught me about the power of persuasion and how to quickly close a deal. I’ve always believed that a copywriter or marketing executive should begin their career in sales. It’s the sector that teaches you how to overcome objections and gain real empathy for the needs of the customer.

I'd love to help you

Since those early days, I’ve run multiple businesses; produced and directed film, and helped companies to more than double their turnover. And I’ve personally sold everything from advertising space and jewellery, to high-end furniture and web design services. I understand how businesses work because I’ve been there. Pretentious marketing talk or flimflam doesn’t do it for me. If you’re looking for a marketing ‘guru’, you’re probably better off approaching someone who refers to themselves as such. I believe in good communication, common sense, and tangible results.

If you’re straight-talking, serious about what you do, and believe that talk is cheap, we’ll probably get on like a house on fire. Many of my clients have become my closest friends.

If you genuinely want to grow your business and beat the competition, we need to have a chat today. I’d like to be instrumental in your success.

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