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  • Who do you work for?
    Mostly start-ups, marketing agencies, and SMEs; but I also occasionally work for large corporates, too.
  • How much do you charge for writing?
    I charge in relation to the size of the company, the complexity of the job, and the time it’ll take to complete. But don’t worry, I'll give you a good idea of cost when we very first speak. I'm 100% committed to providing you with the best value for money and biggest ROI.
  • I’ve looked at your portfolio, but can’t see any writing for my industry. How do I know you can write for me?
    Even if you don’t see it on my portfolio, chances are I’ve written for your type of industry before. But if I haven’t, it doesn’t really matter. I just need to know enough about what you do to convince the reader to choose you. But, more importantly, I need to know what motivates your customer. In other words, don’t sweat it. Once we talk, within 5 minutes I’ll be able to tell you things about your business that you had never even considered – guaranteed!
  • Are there any industries or companies you won’t write for?
    This is actually a better question than the one above. I don’t tend to write for psychotherapists, counsellors, lifestyle/business coaches, fashion, and beauty. The first three I find are too personal to those offering the service, and it can get very taxing trying to give those clients exactly what they want. As for fashion and beauty, I describe these as 'vanity' businesses, and I have absolutely no interest in them.
  • What happens if I don’t like what you write?
    We discuss what it is you don't like about it and, if we can't move forward, we'll call it a day. With regard to refunding money, I like to think that I'm a reasonable person so, together we'll work out an appropriate figure.
  • What kind of copy do you write, Jim?
    This lot: sales letters, websites, email campaigns, press releases, adverts, brochures, straplines, video presentations, direct response, product descriptions, and more...
  • Where are you based?
    In a very squeaky chair, at an old oak desk, in a cottage in Twickenham, Greater London. Most of the time I work from home, but I'm happy to work in-house if required. Got any biscuits?
  • Why should I hire a copywriter like you, Jim?
    You're selling something, right? One way or another I've been doing that for well over 25 years. My copywriting and marketing services have helped many people to become wealthy. I adhere to AIDCA and WIFM selling principles. As long as we remember that we're essentially solving a problem for the reader, we're all good.
  • Are there any industries or companies you won’t write for?
    This is actually a better question than the one above. I don’t tend to write for psychotherapists, counsellors, or lifestyle/business coaches. If this is you, I suggest that you write the copy yourself and then look for a copy editor/proof reader. They will help you polish your work.
  • Do you have any copywriting success stories? Very smart question. Here are a few:
    The shop interior and fitting company who needed a huge boost in sales. He invested £1,000 in my copywriting services and yielded £300k in fewer than nine weeks. The top London-based record producer who needed more bookings. I wrote his website content. He experienced a 75% increase. The eBay seller who wanted more orders. I produced product descriptions that yielded an immediate 12.5% lift. The building waste disposal company who wanted bigger contracts. A press release resulted in them winning a major multimillion-pound international contract.
  • What do your clients say about you?
    I’m blessed. They say really lovely things. See for yourself by reading my many Google 5-star reviews .
  • I'm not sure what I want, or how to write a brief... can you help?
    Happily! Just book me for a consultation and we'll work it out. Plus, if we have time, I'll also give you some of the best marketing advice you're ever likely to hear. I can usually come up with an idea on the spot that'll enable you to increase sales by at least 10%. That's before I've even written anything. Try me.
  • I know what I want. How should I brief you?
    If you're absolutely sure, just download and complete the briefing template below, then email it to me. I’ll get straight back to you.

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Let me write your brief

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