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No brief, no worries.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want, let alone, need. Allow me to take care of it.

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I’ll methodically go through all of your copywriting requirements and create a watertight brief

Book a consultation with me: it will save you time, money and resources.
Plus, it’ll pay for itself – GUARANTEED.


There’s an old saying: “fail to prepare and you prepare to fail.” A mantra I live by - it’s in my personal top-5 rules of doing business. I suggest that you make it one of yours too, and use it as motivation to ensure that your project goes without a hitch. On schedule, within budget, and above expectation.

Having a good brief is an essential ingredient for all parties involved with a project.
If you fancy writing it yourself, here’s a template; downloading it will make the process so much easier.
But if you would like a more thorough approach, making sure that no stone goes unturned, you might want to consider hiring me.

A consultation can take place at your office or a central London location. And there’s no obligation to engage my copywriting services once the document is complete.
It can be used to brief any other creative agency/service provider.

Here’s what we would cover:

• Content requirements – if it’s a website, we’ll decide the most user-friendly navigation
• Discover the hidden value in your current offer
• Decide tone of voice and essential messaging requirements
• Provide general advice on quick-win marketing strategies
• Provide easy-to-implement ideas for a stronger brand presence

Don’t leave the creation of your important marketing collateral to chance.
Let’s get the foundations right before you start.

If you would like further business development and marketing advice, my other consultation services might be of interest to you.

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