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I write and strategise.

You grow and profit.

I'm here to fill the gaps in your marketing and help you grow quicker.

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Flexible marketing and content writing support for small companies with big ambitions and cautious budgets.

Hey, I’m Jim. I'm based in Twickenham, London. I’m a results-driven copywriter and all-round sales and marketing professional.

If you own a small business, or have an idea that's crying out for exploration, I hope we can work together.


I offer an on-demand marketing support and content writing service that’s 100% focussed on delivering profit.

My greatest WIN to date: Interiors Co. £0 - £300K in 9 weeks - 20,000% ROI. Maybe you and I can do even better.


For the past thirty-odd years I’ve helped companies of all sizes sell more of their products, services, or ideas.

The last 15 years have been spent writing, strategising, and consulting for clients including Tesco, Ricoh, haart, WWT and Weber.


My mission is to simplify your marketing and stack the odds of commercial success firmly in your favour.

No high costs, commitment, or office gossip. Just flexibility, reliability, and great work.


Consider booking a FREE discovery call.

You could end up with your very own on-demand marketing department.

If you don't, I'll still make sure you walk away with a better understanding of your business..


A few hours per month could be all it needs to get you flying.

Your business marketing essentials swiftly taken care of

Elevator pitch

Always be ready


Recite a 30-second sales pitch at a moment’s notice.


Probably the most powerful sales tool you’ll ever invest in.


Stay in their minds


Build a loyal and responsive subscriber base.


Publish content that has value and purpose.

Keep them engaged.

Blog posts + articles

Attract targeted traffic


Become an authority. Publish content exclusively to help your audience.


Google loves content that’s useful. They’ll reward you with great rankings

Brand identity

Who are you anyway?


What’s your mission?

Why should people care?

 Where is your value?


Let’s discover your true identity and make people want to know you.

Sales letters

Sell on autopilot


From an introduction letter that wins you meetings and bookings…


…to a landing page call-to-action that converts and closes the deal.

Press releases

Spread the word


There’s always a news -worthy angle. You just need to find your story.


Publicity is a more powerful alternative to any advertising.

Simple websites

Designed to convert


The perfect combo of powerful content and slick design.


I build websites, too.

They come with a full suite of marketing functionality.


Polish that idea


The simplest idea can often yield the best results.

Let's innovate.


I’ll bring a creative and pragmatic approach to developing your ideas.

My 4-step process for working together

1. Discovery

A 30-min call to see if we gel, and for me to learn a little about your business and customers. I’ll also give you a solid idea of costs.


  • What your business does

  • Your goals and objectives

  • Your value proposition

  • Your budget

Why use me?


No downtime:

Every minute accounted for


Only interested in your success

Highly experienced:

I know what works

Amazing rates:

Around 50% cheaper than an agency

Flexible working:

Only when you need me

No commitment:

Free to do as you please (I hope you stick around)

Always responsive:

Phone calls get answered, emails and messages usually within 5 mins

Some nice words


"Jim is a meticulous, knowledgeable, and  fun copywriter to work with!"

Jim’s creativity and commercial acumen never failed to deliver amazing copy.
He naturally tunes-in to what needs to be said, and then creates powerful messages that hit bang on target.

Jim is a ‘must-have’ for any organisation that’s serious about developing their brand or reaching their commercial goals.

Keep him close.

Simon Morrison,

Brand Design Manager, Tesco

Book your FREE discovery call and let’s see if we can make some magic happen.


Even if you just have a seed of an idea that you’re not sure what to do with, let’s explore.

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly. Looking forward to meeting you.

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