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Brand communications copywriter


Your logo looks nice, but what about your brand’s story? What are you trying to say?

Brand communications copywriter

Do you really want to stand out from the crowd, or are you just saying that?

Find your personality, define your message, engage your audience.

For most, our brand communications start with a logo. We look to create something that’s memorable, stylish, and pleasant on the eye. If we’re really adventurous, we’ll go for a strap-line, one that provides a succinct message about the company. The good news is that most companies begin and end their brand story with this basic amount of collateral. I say good news, because the less your competitors do to create a narrative, the more chances you have of overtaking them in the success stakes.

My brand communications copywriting expertise helps companies to define what they want to say, and decide how they want to say it. If you’re a start-up, or planning a new product launch, I can help you get it right from the seed stage. If you’re already established, I can show you how to maximise the impact of your brand and find ways to communicate your message even better. In other words, create a story.

Drip feed your message

Think of brand comms as a drip-drip effect, rather than a direct marketing approach. Ideally, it’s the coming together of multiple pieces of marketing collateral during the life of the company. Here are some examples: strap-lines, in-store messaging, articles and blog posts, posters and billboards, brochures and websites…

It’s much of the usual stuff you’d associate with any marketing activity. But the trick is to make all of these things work together to hammer home your personality and overarching message. It’s this consistency that ultimately engages your audience and builds genuine brand awareness. You are aiming for that moment when someone wants a particular product or service and they automatically think of you.

Possibly the most successful example of this is Hoover. Practically everyone I know still refers to vacuuming their carpet as ‘hoovering’. You get the idea; it’s implanted in people’s heads. And there’s no reason why this can’t happen with your organisation in some small way. It’s about making you the first choice for as many people as we can reach, for whatever budget you may have.

Take a step nearer to making yourself unforgettable and call me today. There’s a lot we can do, even on the most modest of budgets.

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