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Every style, from downright quirky to delightfully sophisticated. Whatever you need, your audience and Google will love it.

product description copywriting London

The same product sold by two different websites. Which one would you buy from?

You’d buy from the one that seemed the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and intelligent.

That’s why hiring an experienced product description copywriter is essential.

If you have an e-commerce site, eBay shop, Etsy store or presence on Amazon, you rely on a written description in order to sell your products. In other words, that space you occupy is effectively a digital salesman. Yet, just like a human version, you can have a good - or bad - salesforce working for you.

The most successful companies know the importance of a professionally written product description. One that persuades the reader to make a purchase there and then. The same applies whether it’s for a web presence or printed marketing collateral. Things, however, are a little different when selling on the net.

Get it found, get it sold

Those descriptions don’t just need to convince a reader to take action, they need to be given preference in search engine algorithms. That applies to both Google and the larger online portals like Amazon, IWOT and Asos to name a few. Fail to take this into account and you fail in every possible way. Your mantra needs to be: “get it found, get it sold”.

There’s something else you need to consider. Don’t go relying on the manufacturers’ descriptions to bail you out. If they’ve already been used multiple times on websites, someone’s going to be penalised and it could be you. Plus, it’s just lazy. And don’t assume that just because it came from the source that it’s actually any good. Many manufacturer’s descriptions are poorly written at best.

So, for those that underestimate the power of words, good luck with your sales targets.
For those who can see the importance of good writing, and want the best online presence money can buy – well, you know what you have to do.

Start selling more stuff today, and gain the trust you deserve in the process.

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