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Looking for a results-driven freelance

website & marketing copywriter in London?

  • 230+ corporate, SME, and agency clients served

  • 2,000 marketing assets written 

  • 20,000% ROIs achieved  

  • 15 years' copywriting experience

  • 30 years' sales and marketing expertise

Hi there, I’m Jim.

I provide no-nonsense copywriting and website planning services for companies who are serious about selling stuff.

You’re not bothered about whether I’m ‘passionate’ or ‘super-excited’ about being a freelance copywriter based in London. You just want to know if I can write copy that makes people fall in love with your goods, services, or ideas, resulting in them opening their wallets and spending their hard-earned cash.


Well, pat your finger on the knuckle and congratulate it for clicking on this results-driven, marketing and web copywriter's site. You’ve just done 95% of the hard work.

I’ll make the rest of your task, even easier.


I’ve got 30 years’ sales and marketing experience, a tonne of happy customers, and a commercially-savvy brain that’s itching to help you nail that brief and kick your competitors to the curb. Oh, and I’m pretty damn creative, too.


I don’t just write symphonies of salesmanship. I become a ‘go-to’ marketing partner ready to give you an idea, nugget of wisdom, or a unique way to convey an important message.

Read my many Google 5-Star copywriter reviews to see how I've helped others achieve success.
I hope you'll be writing one, very soon.

Website content writing that inspires readers to take action, excites Google, and drives profit.

You know what drives me nuts? Hearing clients tell me about the web agency they’ve just appointed, only to then hear that they weren’t even asked the most rudimentary of questions about their business and essential messaging requirements.


On the plus side, I’ll do that for you. You might even be under the impression that you need pages that, well, you don’t actually need at all. I’ll tell you what’s important, and what’s not. You’ll probably end up saving a fortune.


With me, you’ll get persuasive website content that effortlessly charms the reader and makes them feel all warm and clicky. And, a navigation structure that tells them exactly what to do, and where to go on your website.

I’ll also write the all-important meta data… the bit for Google.


You’ll get really sticky content for your website’s homepage, about page and services pages… and case study copy that evokes trust within seconds of reading it.

Whether it’s e-commerce, a brochure site, or something completely off the wall, I’ll walk you through all the necessary content writing you need to make your site a digital sales machine.

A copywriting process that guarantees your sanity and, delivers drafts in a format that even the laziest web designer will know how to make look amazing.

If the idea of hiring a freelance copywriter or organising your marketing collateral’s writing requirements is making you feel nervous, don’t be! Just chill.


Writing copy is a feedback and approval process which I can manage, end to end. No stress, headaches, or hassles. Whatever needs writing, you’ll find my process to be thorough, informative, and super-easy.

I’ll happily take the reins and write your brief, discovering your hidden USPs, tone of voice, and audience, etc. Ending with me delivering word-perfect, must-read, sales-driven copy, presented in a way that’s idiot proof.

Whether you require a website, product description, advertisement, engaging article, sales letter, marketing concept, or just an amazing idea to put you on the map, I’m here to help you succeed.

Want to get started?
If you're good to go, we need a plan.

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Send me a brief

Editable Microsoft Word document

Takes 15 - 45 minutes to

Email it straight across

Can be used to brief other agencies


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Let me write your brief

Online or at your office

We'll discuss your goals and obje
ctives, in depth

I'll also give you workable ideas to increase sales

It'll be watertight

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